Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Add - Torii Hunter Powder Blue Custom

Here's another new addition.  It's a customized Torii Hunter Angels SGA bobblehead.  I didn't customize it...I don't have the skill set to do amazing work like this.  In one of the groups I'm in, I found a lady who has a ton of talent and made a trade with her. 

I have a small sub-set of customized powder blue bobbleheads, this fits perfectly!! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sneak Peek - Nothing Falls But Raindrops Bobbleheads

The Twins are doing a cool set of bobbleheads this season.  They've labeled it the "Nothing Falls But Raindrops" trio of their outfielders, Eddie Rosario, Byron Buxton, and Max Kepler.  Several other teams have been doing more unique bobblehead sets like this and I'm happy the Twins joined them.  The set will consist of three different giveaway dates (see below). 

June 1st - Max Kepler
June 22nd - Byron Buxton (Gold Glove Edition)
July 13th - Eddie Rosario

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Teaser: Fort Myers Miracle Bobblehead Set

The Fort Myers Miracle will be giving away a bobblehead set that will excite all Twins fans!  Right now, I'm only going to say...the set will consist of guys that played for the Miracle and the Twins.  I'll be doing a series on this set in the coming months.  So look for that, I hope to share more information and pictures soon. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Addition - Marshall Tigers High School Bobblehead

Another new addition is from southwestern Minnesota and the city of Marshall.  Here is there high school Tiger mascot.  I hadn't known of this one so bought it as soon as I saw it.  It fits perfectly into my high school mascot collection and it wasn't too expensive.  Other than this, I don't know much more about it!  I'm always looking for other high school themed bobbleheads tho!  Message me if you happen to have any!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Addition - Torii Hunter Bobble-Arm

Up until several months ago, I thought I had all Torii Hunter giveaway bobbleheads that I wanted.  I don't count his bobbleheads while with the Angels or Tigers...but minor league ones can be different, unique and well, just more creative than a lot of major league teams' bobbleheads.  This one hits each of those bullets. 

The Orem Owlz gave away this bobble-arm in 2010.  I saw a picture of it online several months ago and immediately it was one of my most wanted bobbleheads.  I found it online and quickly snatched it up, knowing I wasn't the only one that had to be looking for it.  From what I can tell, only a few have been for sale over the past several years.  Quite happy to add this one to my collection!