Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fort Myers Miracle Bobblehead Set

I'm pleased to announce the Fort Myers Miracle are doing a bobblehead set this season.  The set will consist of 5 current and former Twins.  Obviously all 5 of those players have Miracle ties as well.  I've included these dates on front page of my blog, but here they are again. 

Brian Dozier - April 14th
Joe Mauer - May 19th
Jose Berrios - June 30th
Torii Hunter - July 21st
Byron Buxton - September 1st

A lot of times, minor league teams do various bobbleheads that have a connection to any of the teams they've been affiliated with the past and plenty that are local celebrities.  As a Twins fan, I'm super excited about this set of 5. 

After speaking with a highly credible source, it was interesting to learn about the process a minor league team goes through.  The team requests to do specific players.  Once the Twins review that request, they provide a handful of pictures of each player to base the bobblehead from.  The minor league team picks the jersey and the Miracle are trying to do poses that represent each player the best.  For example, the Joe Mauer bobblehead is in a batting pose while the Byron Buxton bobblehead will be in a fielding pose.  More to come as I plan on blogging about each individual player and hopefully will have picture evidence of them as well. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

New Addition - Matt Dumba Red Deer Rebels Bobblehead

Another recent addition of mine, thanks to an awesome guy north of the border is this Matt Dumba SGA bobblehead!  It comes from the Red Deer Rebels (where Dumba played for a couple seasons) and was a giveaway in January.  Obviously since Matt plays for the Wild, this was a must have for my collection.  I'm so happy I was able to connect with a new Canadian friend.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New Add - Neal Broten Team USA Prototype

Here's another new addition of mine and another prototype, Neal Broten in his Team USA gear representing the Miracle on Ice.  It's not the most wanted Broten I have on my want list, but its a very sweet bobblehead and possibly the only 1 in existence.  Of course the Broten on the top of my list is the Gopher version, however, the head of this one and that one appear to be the same.  Perhaps one day I'll find the Gopher version! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Add - Brad Johnson Prototype

Pretty excited to add this one to my collection.  I had seen a picture of it (marketing flyer only) so I knew it was out there but since its a prototype, you can never be certain if it was actually made or not.  I had reliable resources tell me there were a couple of them and now one happily resides in my collection.  Introducing one of my latest acquisitions - Brad Johnson, Minnesota Vikings. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sneak Peek - Joe Solo Star Wars Bobblehead

The Twins have released images for their 4th annual Star Wars bobblehead.  This season its Joe Solo.  Also known as Joe Mauer.  I have a feeling this will be popular for a few different reasons, it's Mauer's first bobblehead in a handful of years, its Star Wars, its the first of its kind and it has a sound chip.  Lot's of collectible factors with this one.  I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but I am a bobblehead fan and therefore it'll have a place in my collection next to the other Twins Star Wars bobbleheads!