Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sneak Peek - Saints Dual Bobblehead

The Saints are giving away 2000 Bill Murray/Kevin Millar bobbleheads this coming Saturday!  It's super sweet and is the best one they are doing this season (will be the most popular too).  Can't wait for Saturday!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Munchkin in Bobblehead Form

Today was my first ever Father's Day.  I had plenty of time to reflect and think about what the last 11 months have been like for me.  Other than simply amazing and incredibly busy they have been 11 of the most rewarding months of my life.  My daughter, Anneliese, was born on July 7th 2016.  After a week in the NICU we were able to go home and start life with a baby.  Jess and I were prepared (at least as much as we could be) but its still so much more than I can explain.  The feelings, the nerves, the joy...all of it is so much more.  Father's Day was quite similar.  Jess and Anneliese made it even more special when they surprised me with a bobblehead of Anneliese.  This is the third one Jess has done for me.  And as of now, it completes our family.  The first one was my wedding gift from Jess. Then came our dog in bobblehead form as a Christmas present.  And now for my first Father's Day is Anneliese in bobblehead form.

I couldn't be happier.  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sneak Peek - Mike Trout (Kernels)

The Cedar Rapids Kernels are giving away a Mike Trout bobblehead this Saturday, the 17th of June! I know, I know, Trout has nothing to do with the Twins or Minnesota.  However, the Kernels certainly do!  Obviously they are an affiliate of the Twins and a great one since its not a bad drive from the Twin Cities to Cedar Rapids!  The Kernels used to be an Angels affiliate and Trout is one of the most popular players that played for them.  Plenty of minor league teams do giveaways of guys that have no affiliation with their current major league affiliate.  I'm doing the same thing if I'm the Kernels. What's even better about this bobblehead, Success Promotions created/produced it!    Click here to order tickets!!  As you all know, I'm a big fan of theirs!  Without further ado, here it is!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Packing and Shipping bobbleheads

I've had several people ask me about packing and shipping bobbleheads.  Im sure there are videos on youtube from other people that know what they are doing.  To put it into words isn't that difficult tho.

Every box I get (that I assume has a bobblehead(s) in it) I shake.  Not to the point where it looks like I'm crazy, but a nice gentle shake and that tells me (99% of the time) if my bobblehead made the journey in good shape.  What do you hear, you ask?  If I hear something, I'm hesitant and my expectations immediately go down the toilet.  I shouldn't hear anything!

So, same for shipping a bobblehead (yes this is reverse order).  Once its in the shipping box (and I stress box as bobbleheads should always be shipped inside a box), give it a gentle shake.  There should be no sound and no movement.

First things first, wrap the neck.  I use a thin strip of bubblewrap and then also typically wrap 1 piece of kleenex around the neck.  Get more bubblewrap and wrap the entire bobblehead with it.  I like the small bubble pieces for this part.  Tape the middle and both ends because it is a freaking package - treat it as such.  If you have it, take a strip of bubble wrap (with the bigger bubbles) and wrap around the bobble.  Tape the middle and ends.  That should give the bobblehead enough padding around all sides (and remember, 6 sides to a bobble, all 4 sides and the top and bottom).

After this, find a box (I use regional rate boxes that are free from, pack nicely in the box and put enough other packing material inside the box so the bobblehead doesn't have any room to move.  This can be anything, but I usually use newspaper as I like to save the bubble wrap for bobbles themselves.  However, if using your own box...(and not a regional rate box) use something lighter (packing peanuts, air pouches or bubblewrap) as the weight of the box will matter.  Tape the box tightly and securely.  And remember - shake at the end.  No sounds = ready to ship!