Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best Bobblehead ever!

A year ago today, my wife gave me a card and a gift bag.  There had been plenty of talk leading up to this moment about how much I was going to enjoy the gift.  I had absolutely zero idea what it was. She had shown a few friends (in front of me) and they all thought I'd love it - whatever IT was.  I had to wait until January 12th, 2013.  You see, 1 year ago today, I married the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I won't get all sappy here - thats already happened on Facebook, but she doesn't hate one of my passions.  Her words exactly when talking about my bobblehead collecting, "I'm supportive of it, I like that it gives Scott something "different" to be excited about.  However, I'm not personally a collector, so sometimes the sheer volume of bobbleheads can be a bit overwhelming!" I'll take it!  Win for Scott!  And 1 year ago, not only was it the biggest win of my life, it also gave me my most memorable bobblehead and obviously my favorite bobblehead.

Jess did all of this online.  She researched a few different websites and picked one that she felt most comfortable with. She estimated that it took a couple months from start to finish.  Below is the picture she sent the company with the bobblehead next to it.  They asked for close up pictures of our faces so they could really make it look like us.  We both agree that mine is pretty spot on, whiles her's isn't perfect, but its close and in my mind - its perfect.  Happy Anniversary!!