Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Best Garage Sale Finds #5

Garage sales are hit and miss for bobbleheads.  Even ones listed on Craigslist aren't always that great, while others turn out to be diamonds in the rough.  When I'm going thru my top "finds" in 2013, a lot has to do with the price I paid for them and/or the rarity of the bobblehead.  And sometimes, its just becuase I find the bobblehead to be unique in some way or cool in another!

So...#5 on my list is a bobblehead I find for a whopping 2 bucks!  Joe, I mean, Jim Kleinsasser.  Rainbow Foods sponsored this bobblehead and the box has the name "Joe" on it, while the bobblehead is truly that of Jim Kleinsasser, Tight End for the Minnesota Vikings.  The bobblehead is pretty cool in general as it depicts Kleinsasser after drinking some milk, similar to the "Got Milk" ad campaigns.  On top of finding the bobblehead for $ came with the box as well and the box is in great shape.  Even tho I don't show a picture of the box (it's in some tote somewhere in my storage room and I really don't wanna dig for it right now) believe me, it came with the box!