Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I blogged about the infamous Larry Craig bobble-foot a couple weeks ago.  I don't have many bobbleheads where something other than the head actually bobbles.  Mr. Craig's foot was the only thing that bobbled for him.  But in what could be my most rare (for a couple different reasons that I'll explain below) bobblehead, it also has other bobbling pieces.  This is a Derek Boogaard bobblehead, and was a giveaway by the Houston Aeros (former minor league affiliate of the Minnesota Wild) I believe in 2004.

Boogeyman's head bobbles (duh, it is a bobblehead) but his fists/gloves also bobble!  Why you ask? That answer is quite simple - he was one of the best fighters in the NHL.  For more info on Boogaard, check out his Wikipedia page. Boogaard died of an accidental drug overdose in May 2011.  A couple reasons why this could be my most rare bobblehead. First, there were only 3000 produced and given away at a minor league hockey game, who knows if all 3000 were even given away and what has happened to all of them.  Secondly, the fact that the gloves bobble is unique and cool but also comes with a bit of worry - the more things that bobble the more things can bring.  The bobblehead I have is in mint condition and everything is in bobbling condition.  Lastly, he autographed the bobblehead. Those 3 things make it a very rare bobblehead, it might not be my most valuable bobblehead, but could be the most rare!  Enjoy!