Monday, January 27, 2014

Want List (Part 1)

Over the next week or so, I plan on displaying pictures of my most desired bobbleheads.  They will range from Twins bobbleheads to a couple the Timberwolves have given away and even some minor league bobbleheads.

Here are the final bobbleheads I need to complete my Twins SGA bobblehead collection.  Both are from the 1965 Heroes set, given away at one game.  Frank Quilici & Harmon Killebrew.  In an earlier blog post I explained the difference between the 1965 Heroes set and the Katrina set.  This is most likely the hardest set of Twins bobbleheads to complete.

Below are pictures of the red base bobbleheads from the Twins that would complete that collection. I'm not as confident about my knowledge in the red base bobbleheads as I am in the green.  But I'm looking for Zoilo Versalles, the Mauer/Morneau double bobblehead - I believe this was given out to season ticket holders purchasing large group tickets or perhaps long-standing season ticket holders, and lastly - the Legends of the Dome set of Kirby Puckett & Kent Hrbek.