Thursday, December 26, 2013

1965 Heroes vs. 1965 Katrina

In previous posts I've mentioned these 2 sets.  The 1965 Heroes set are SGA bobbleheads.  The Katrina bobbleheads are not. I'll try to explain all differences between these bobbleheads, that truly look very very similar to each other.  The Heroes set of bobbleheads were given away by the Twins, the difference between these and all other SGAs, there are 10 different Heroes bobbleheads.  Those 10 were all given away at the same game.  So while one person might have gotten a Jim Perry, someone else got an Earl Battey.  I've read online that 1000 of each of the 10 players were given away.

Here are pictures of the full 1965 Heroes SGA set as well as the Katrina set.  As you can see each SGA bobblehead comes with its own COA, while the Katrina set has 1 COA for the complete set. 

Here are comparison pictures of one bobblehead, Jim "Mudcat" Grant, both the SGA form and Katrina bobblehead. The SGA has "Ecumen" on the base, as they sponsored those 10 SGAs, while the Katrina set has the name of each player on the base.  The Heroes SGA set has the names on the back of the bobblehead.

The Katrina set is fairly easy to find (typically on eBay or Craigslist, but more often than not, people are asking a ridiculous amount of money for it).  The 1965 Heroes SGA set is much more rare and extremely hard to find.  Most of the individual bobbleheads from this set will sell for $75 to $125 each.  Eventually I'd love to own each of the 1965 Heroes SGA bobbleheads, but at their current rate, it'll take me a while!