Thursday, December 12, 2013

Garage sale turned Auction?

Earlier this year I responded to a craigslist post regarding a church garage sale.  The guy running the sale responded very quickly and sent pictures of the bobbleheads up for sale.  There were roughly 15 and of those I probably already had around 8 of them.  As I typically do (more on this in my next blog) I responded to see if I could buy them all (at a reduced price).  The guy responded and said he had several responses to his ad and didn't want to sell anything before the garage sale.  Fair enough, I set up a reminder for the sale, which started on a Saturday morning.  I arrived and much to my surprise...the owner decided to run an impromptu auction for the bobbleheads.  I knew this was bad news for me as I wasn't there to spend a ton of money.  There was one bobblehead I really wanted.  Usually I have an idea of what a bobblehead is worth and a range of its selling price.  This one - no clue.  I had seen it a couple times before but never saw a final sale price.  The one I wanted was the last one to sell...I bid right one else bid and I got it for $5.  Check it out!