Thursday, December 12, 2013

The price to pay...

The bobblehead market in the Twin Cities isn't huge but as a regular visitor to I came to realize plenty of people buy and sell bobbleheads.  The problem with this is, plenty of those people feel like they can sell bobbleheads for the same price they see them being sold for on ebay.  I've ran into several people who try to do this and Im sure they get bites here and there, but there lies my main problem.  Your best customer is the repeat buyer.  I've bought and sold to the same people over the past year.  I've sold a variety of  bobbleheads to several main buyers, many of which have asked me the same question - "Please let me know whenever you get new bobbleheads you are looking to sell."

Each of them knows I offer fair deals and respect and appreciate their business.  In turn I expect the same in when I buy from other people.  I don't always get it, but I have had very enjoyable (and fair) deals in the past.  I have a few people I buy from regularly.  I should note that by regularly, I mean, perhaps once a month or every couple of months.  I usually get a text or email from them when they want to sell something, I might not get the first shot at buying it, but Im probably one of a small list of people who get that shot.  And as a collector, thats all I can ask for.