Friday, December 13, 2013

I don't just buy bobbleheads!

It might seem like I only buy bobbleheads, but I touched on this in an earlier post.  When I buy in bundles, I typically try to move those bobbleheads I already have.  There seems to be a very common misconception in the world of ebay and craiglist buying/selling.  Quick lesson, if a bobblehead routinely sells for $50 on shouldn't expect to get $50 for that same bobblehead thru craigslist.  Ebay sellers usually pay to list their item and then a percentage of the final sale value also goes to ebay.  Typically this ranges from 15-20%, on top of that there are shipping costs for the seller, sometimes they pass that along to the buyer while other times they don't.  So that $50 quickly becomes $40 if not less.

While I reach so many more possible buyers thru ebay, I also like selling locally.  If I can find a fair deal locally, I'll usually take that over the ebay deal.  The buyer gets to see the bobblehead in person and hopefully I get the chance to make them a repeat buyer!  Speaking of, if you are looking for any Minnesota themed bobbleheads, let me know!  I might just have something you'd like!