Sunday, December 22, 2013

Minnesota Twins Bobblehead Sets (Part 1 of 4)

In 1991 the Twins established what is now called the Twins Community Fund.  This Nonprofit was organized to enrich local and regional communities.  I believe the Twins, through the Twins Community Fund have produced 4 team bobblehead sets.  This is the first post in a 4 post series detailing each set.  None of these sets are SGA or ST bobbleheads.  They look very similar and I've seen some eBay listings and Craigslist ads saying they are SGA, but technically they are not.

The first set was sold in 2005 in an effort to raise money for the Hurricane Katrina relief fund.  This set is commonly referred to as the 1965 Katrina set.  A total of 500 limited edition sets were sold for $265 each. The set included 10 stars from the 1965 Twins team.  There has been some confusion over this set and some SGA bobbleheads of the same players, I'll blog about that in the near future.