Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bobbleheads for Sale

A buddy of mine had an intriguing idea for my blog.  We, as bobblehead collectors, know there are several people looking to sell their bobbleheads.  Maybe they aren't collectors and only have a few, maybe they have duplicates they'd like to move or perhaps they are reducing their collection in general.  This page is specifically for to buy/sell bobbleheads from other blog readers.

I'll update the blog with pictures and pricing information.  If you see something you are interested in, leave a comment and the sale process begins!

Here are the first sets of pictures.  Remember, if you like something, leave a comment in the comments section and we'll go from there.  One more thing about all the pictures below, the seller is looking to sell these as sets only, he is not interested in breaking up any of the following groups.

Van & Cheryl (KS95) set - $35

Tom Lehman - $75

Rochester Red Wings (Twins AAA) set - $40

New Britain Rock Cats (Twins AA) set - SOLD

Sid Hartman set - $100

Jesse Ventura set - $200

Timberwolves Pepsi set - $50

A new section - Collector's Corner

Fellow bobblehead enthusiasts, I have a new and exciting section of my blog.  A buddy of mine was talking to me about selling several of his bobbleheads.  He had the idea of using my blog as an avenue to reach other collectors who might be interested in some of the bobbleheads he has.  I'm still learning about Blogger and all the functions and capabilities of it.  So we'll see how this goes, but it's fun for me to do something different within the blog and help out collectors like you and him!  And if anyone else out there wants to use this to sell bobbleheads (or if you are looking for specific ones) I'll help you out as well!

I'll make a blog post with each collection of bobbleheads he has for sale.  That will be under what I'm calling the "Collector's Corner."  All the posts I'll do regarding bobbleheads for sale will be displayed under "Collector's Corner."  This will be constantly updated with new posts, pictures, pricing information and more.
I've also created a slideshow that contains pictures of the bobbleheads for sale, this is more of an attention grabber and it'll display all bobbleheads for sale, no matter who's they are.  Feel free to leave comments in the comment section to get more information or buy any of these sets!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Final 2014 ASG Bobblehead - Glen Perkins

Before the 2014 season, the Twins announced there would be 4 bobblehead giveaway days.  The first 3 were Harmon Killebrew, Lou Gehrig & Tom Brunansky.  Here are a couple links to previous blogs I've posted regarding this set of bobbleheads.

Once Perkins was named to the All Star Team, in my mind it was a foregone conclusion that on September 6th, people would be lining up hours in advance of game time to get their hands on a Perk bobblehead.  The Twins announced it was Perkins earlier this month and now we have a picture to go along with the announcement.  (Credit to my buddy Zane for the Perkins Tweet with picture!)

I've been advocating for a Perkins bobblehead since the Twins announced it was a "to be determined" bobblehead.  I'm certainly a happy camper with the news.  I've never met Glen Perkins (certainly would love the chance), but he seems like a down to earth guy (love listening to his weekly appearances on 1500 with Mackey & Judd).  He's also a former Gopher and obviously he's a stud closer!  Hopefully there are more bobbleheads in the future for Perkins.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Does size matter?

Apparently when it comes to bobbleheads, it doesn't.  They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I've definitely been a bit surprised by their size (or lack thereof) in the past.  It's difficult to realize the height (if its not the standard 7 inches) unless pictured next to others that are a different size and/or height.  As you can tell by the picture below - they truly come in all sorts of different heights!

Pictured left to right: Doug Mientkiewicz, Crunch (Boyscout version), Wayland Noland, Miguel Sano, Kent Hrbek and Rod Carew.  Dougie baseball is roughly 3.5 inches tall while Carew is about 9 inches tall!  The 3 on the far left I'd classify as "mini" bobbleheads.  Hrbek is the standard, which leaves Sano and Carew. I'm not sure what to call either of them other than non-standard bobbleheads.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cooperstown Collection Surprise!

Forever Collectibles released a "Cooperstown Collection" back in 2003.  Included in it were former Twins stars, Harmon Killebrew and Rod Carew.  I'm not big on the retail bobbleheads, I certainly have some, but for the most part I like the giveaways.  When I started collecting, I saw these from time to time.  They typically went for between $50 and $100.  At that point, the only way I was going to pick these 2 up for my collection were garage sales or to get lucky.

Well I got lucky at garage sales.  I just picked up the Carew at a garage sale 2 weeks ago and I had gotten the Killebrew at a sale about 5 weeks ago.  Carew didn't come in the original box but Killebrew did.  The box was pristine and looking at the bobblehead, it was even better than that - so I didn't take it out of the box.  In prepping for my blog I had to get pictures of each bobblehead.  I was amazed at what I saw.

Yep, a Killebrew autograph on the back of the bobblehead.  I was absolutely giddy when I saw this.  And it was completely dumb luck on my part.  I was buying it at the garage sale either way so I didn't even take it out of the box!

These were limited to 5000 each and I believe Forever Collectibles named this series Legends of the Park, Cooperstown Collection.  I've heard there were 10 players in this series, not sure of the other 8, but these are the 2 Twins.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why collect?

I've been asked that question numerous times (only a couple by my wife tho).  It is a valid question. Everyone has their own reasons why they collect.  I collect more than just bobbleheads.  I have 2 other small collections and by small I mean, I don't spend nearly the time, money, or effort on either of them.

The first is sports cards.  Growing up I always bought packs of cards.  I don't buy too much for cards anymore, and probably should really start selling the stuff I have.  My other collection...toy tractors.  As some of you know, I grew up on a farm.  My dad collects tractors (1/16 scale) and when I was little he'd get me 1/64 scale tractors to match his.  Eventually I'd like to have all tractors and implements that my dad has owned while farming.  Eventually I'd like to create a quasi-replica of the farm I grew up on.  That's years down the road (mainly because I need the space to make it happen - I need a bigger garage).  Whats that saying, happy wife, happy life?  I know some of my boundaries!

As for bobbleheads, obviously I have a passion.  But it's more than that.  For me, its 2 things.  The chase and the find.  It's super fun to find something that's on my want list or for someone else that collects.  The chase of finding those types of bobbleheads makes it exciting.  Just the other day I found a random Minnesota themed bobblehead (non-sports) at a garage sale.  It's not very valuable at all, but I didn't have it in my collection so it was nice to find something that I could add to my collection.  There will always be that constant chase and at times I won't even know what I'm chasing (or looking for).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Parise Bobblehead - no...not Zach

Several months ago I saw a picture of a JP Parise Bobblehead.  At the time, I knew I wanted to add it to my collection.  However, I also knew it would be fairly hard to find.  I've seen one on eBay since (the seller wanted nearly $100 for it and recently sold it for about $35 I believe).  Other than that I hadn't seen one. Then fate intervened.

I hadn't told many people about my blog until a little over a month ago when I made an announcement on my facebook page.  Thru that I was connected with a friend of a friend.  He had been collecting for quite some time and after a couple weeks of negotiations we came to an agreement.  The JP Parise bobblehead was the main part of the deal.  Obviously people know the last name of Parise because of Zach.  But his dad also played hockey, specifically for the Minnesota North Stars.  In 2008 he was named Head Coach and GM of the Des Moines Buccaneers.  To honor the hockey legend, the Buccaneers did a bobblehead giveaway of JP in 2009.  What's unique about this bobblehead?  Parise is depicted in a Minnesota North Stars jersey! On top of that...this one is signed.  I'm not into signatures, but since this one had already been signed, it made it a bit more special.

Check it out!  Leave your comments please!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 All Star Game & More

I'm guessing anyone who reads my blog probably knows the All Star game was held at Target Field last week.  Leading up to it, MLB had plenty of events, one was something they call "Fanfest."  In June I blogged about the 3 mini bobbleheads that were being given away at Fanfest - TC Bear, Tony Oliva and Joe Mauer. Jess and I went down to Fanfest last Sunday.  A buddy of mine had some extra tickets so we checked it out. It was pretty cool but also fairly overwhelming.  However, lets be real - we probably went on the worst day possible, Sunday early afternoon.  There were tons of people but also so much cool stuff to see.  I kinda thought the "Collectors Showcase" would be just as big (if not bigger) than Twinsfest.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case at all as there was only a handful of dealers.

However, with TC being given away to kids on Friday, I knew that would be the hardest bobblehead of the 3 to get.  I noticed a listing on eBay early on Friday morning and I thought it was a very good and fair deal, so I bought the TC bobblehead.  Of course this meant I was committed to getting the other 2 bobbleheads. Once I receive all 3 of them, I'll update this posting with a picture.  They are cool mini bobbleheads, but as is the case with most any mini bobblehead - they aren't very sturdy and quite fragile at times!  The TC Bear bobblehead routinely goes for between $40 and $50 on eBay while Tony Oliva and Joe Mauer are going for quite a bit less.  If you are looking for the set...TC will be the hardest and/or the most spendy of the bunch. Good luck!

Update: Here's the picture of the 3 bobbleheads.  They are pretty tiny!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Minnesota Lynx Bobblehead Giveaway - Janel McCarville

I recently learned that the Lynx are doing a bobblehead giveaway this season.  Janel McCarville will get the nod (pun intended) in August.  The Lynx have done a great job the past several years with their bobblehead giveaways.  I figured McCarville would be a good option in 2014, but there was one small lingering issue - she was a free agent.  Once the Lynx resigned her I had a feeling she might get a bobblehead.  Being a former fan favorite as a Gopher and a new fan favorite with the Lynx it made perfect sense.

Luckily I was able to track down a picture (thanks to some great people within the Lynx organization) as I feel pictures are always important to add to my blog posts!  So...if you are a Lynx fan, a McCarville fan, or a bobblehead fan, mark August 7th on your calendars and get to the Target Center to pick up your Janel McCarville bobblehead!  Here's a link for tickets!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

1965 Heroes Ecumen SGA Set

Recently I was able to complete the SGA Ecumen set.  I've blogged previously about this set and one extremely similar.  Check out those blogs at the following links.

I feel this set is the hardest set to complete of any Twins bobbleheads.  August 21st, 2005 was a giveaway day.  Similar to all other giveaway days, the Twins were giving away 10,000 bobbleheads.  However, they changed it up for this day by giving away 1000 bobbleheads of 10 different players from the 1965 team. Included in the set were, Zoilo Versalles, Harmon Killebrew, Bob Allison, Tony Oliva, Earl Battey, Frank Quilici, Camilo Pascual, Jim Perry, Jim "Mudcat" Grant, and Jim Kaat.  Even if you had 10 tickets you weren't guaranteed of getting all 10 bobbleheads.  I know of several people who had 20-25 tickets and came away with 6 or 7 different bobbleheads, but not all 10.  

When my passion for this crazy collection started I figured the "1965 Heroes Ecumen" set might never get completed and I was ok with that.  I actually passed up a few of these early on because I didn't plan on trying to collect the entire set (as many of these go for over $100 each on eBay) and although Jess is an amazing wife...getting her to "be cool" with me spending a grand on 10 bobbleheads wasn't going to happen! 

I got a couple of these for super cheap at garage sales, then I got 6 more at Twinsfest 2014 and once that happened I knew I'd be able to complete the set in time.  I honestly didn't think it'd happen in 2014.  I kinda figured over several years I'd find deals on them and eventually have the complete set.  Of course the one I couldn't find was the most expensive of them all...Harmon Killebrew - no introduction necessary.  

Luckily a few weeks ago I found this one to complete the set.  Below is a picture, front and back of the set.

And here's a comparison of the front of the 1965 Ecumen set vs the Katrina set.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rare Minnesota Personalities

I've started to expand my collection of bobbleheads a little bit.  When I started this journey...I was mainly interested in sports bobbleheads but would pick up random Minnesota bobbleheads when I saw them for a bargain.  Lately I've been more focused on these random Minnesota bobbleheads.  I'm sure there are plenty that I have absolutely no clue about.  Here's a picture of 4 bobbleheads I've picked up in the last couple of months.  

From left to right.  
Roger Moe (mini bobblehead).  He ran for Governor in 2002.  
Ted Marti.  President of Schell's Brewery.  
William F. Austin.  Better known as Bill.  Founder and CEO of Starkey Hearing Foundation.
Klondike Kate.  Also known as Kathleen Rockwell.  St. Paul Winter Carnival Personality

I have several other "Minnesota Personality" bobbleheads but please...please share yours with me.  I know there are plenty that I don't know about!  I'd like to gather as much information about them as I can.  So send pictures to me personally or share links in the comments section.  My sincere thanks in advance!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mystery ASG Bobblehead - Not so mysterious anymore

At Target Field on September 6th, the Twins will give away this years final ASG bobblehead.  I previously blogged about this, read it here.  In that blog, I mentioned that the most likely candidates were Joe Mauer or Glen Perkins, hoping it would be Perk.  I was half right.  I doubt many people would have guessed Kurt Suzuki would have been an option!  And just tonight MLB announced that Brian Dozier will be in the Home Run Derby.  I don't think any other Twins players will be added to the roster so at this point the "to be determined" player is either Perkins, Suzuki or Dozier.  I'm not sure if Dozier would "qualify" as he's not in the All Star Game, but the Twins could certainly choose to do his bobblehead and not many people would be offended.  But I would have to think all signs point to it being Perkins (no offense to Suzuki).  Perk is a team guy, local sports hero, great in the community and a guy the Twins want on this team for the long term. Based on my February post, obviously you know I'm biased but for good reason.  Hell that reason should only have to be, cuz I like Perkins, but he's a stud closer too. I'm hoping I can update this blog with a picture of a Perkins SGA bobblehead!

2 days ago, Twins President, Dave St. Peter confirmed the final ASG bobblehead would indeed be of Glen Perkins!  Here's the link!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tom Brunansky Bobblehead Day

July 5th was Brunansky Bobblehead Day at Target Field.  By the looks of eBay and Craigslist, lots of people got these bobbleheads that have no interest in keeping them.  The prices on both sites are in the $30-$50 range.  I'm not surprised by those prices and can only assume they'll drop a little bit in a week or two. Below is a picture of the Brunansky bobblehead in case you are looking for it!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July America!

It's July 4th and I'm writing this post for 2 reasons.  The first, its Lou Gehrig bobblehead day at Target Field. First 10,000 fans get the bobblehead.  Unfortunately, I won't be one of them.  Let me know if you have any good stories to share while you waited to get yours!  Good luck and have fun!

The second reason and certainly the more important of the 2, is that it's Independence Day.  Click the previous link to read all about this incredibly important day.  My brother shared a really cool story a couple days ago and I wanted to blog about it.  It encompasses a few things, Minnesota, bravery and heroism. I couldn't find the link to the story he sent me, but here's the same story from the Winona Daily News.  The title of the article is perfect.  1st Minnesota at Gettysbury: No Grander Heroism.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The newest Wild Winger - Thomas Vanek

I figured today was a great day to blog about Thomas Vanek, the newest member of the Minnesota Wild. Earlier this afternoon the Wild signed the former Golden Gopher to a 3 year deal.  It wasn't exactly a shock since we've been hearing about this possibility for months and months.  Either way, I'm sure its a happy day at the Xcel Center.  I picked up this bobblehead several months ago.  Back in January the Sioux Falls Stampede, where Vanek played Junior hockey celebrated the star with his own bobblehead!

They were limited to a total of 500.  Its a very rare bobblehead to begin with and I've never seen one on eBay since the giveaway.  I got lucky with this one.  And it means a little more now that Vanek plays for the Wild, but since he was a Gopher, it meant enough in the first place!  If the Wild do another round of bobbleheads next season, I'm sure Vanek will be featured!  Here's to hoping!