Sunday, January 26, 2014

Twinsfest = Success

My buddy Killer and I went to Twinsfest on Friday afternoon.  This was the first time the event was held at Target Field.  I'd say for the most part the Twins did a great job, obviously it was a lot different when they held it at the Metrodome.  We had a lot of fun tho and pretty much had a semi all-access pass for Target Field.  It was quite a scene to be in the Legends Club and Suite level while overlooking a field covered in snow!  We also checked out the Champions Club.  Pictures below.

A white, snowy Target Field

Champions Club

Champions Club Bar

Now - onto some more fun stuff we found at Twinsfest!  The first thing I wanted to do was check out the Twins Yard Sale.  This was something new and is exactly what you think of when you hear "yard sale."  Knowing they'd have bobbleheads there (from a little recon I did before Twinsfest) we went straight to its location (which was in Legends club between home and 1st base).  We were probably 200 or so back once they opened the gates, so we weren't the first at the yard sale.  Most of the bobbleheads were in boxes with a label on the top.  I saw a few that intrigued me, quickly opening one and much to my surprise it was one I was hoping for.  I grabbed 5 more and kept looking.  There weren't any others that I needed, but certainly some good deals.  They had multiple 91 World Series sets as well as the Managers set.  I told Killer that I wanted to check back later to see if they put out anything new.  So we went back a couple hours later and I asked one of the Twins employees if they'd be putting anymore bobbleheads on the floor.  She was super nice and helpful and said all they had left were 2 of the 91 World Series sets that were on the way up but other than that, what they had was displayed.

Lastly we went to the sports collectors area.  This is the one area I think the Twins could have done better with.  I'm not sure where it could have been held, but where it was....basically in the hallways of the service level (otherwise known as the bowels of Target Field) was poor.  The lighting was bad and the hoards of people created a traffic jam as there wasn't much room to move.  I saw a few dealers with bobbleheads that intrigued me for a variety of reasons but felt like I had spent enough on the 6 I already purchased.

Speaking of - I didn't say who they were, for a specific reason.  I'm still somewhat in shock that I found the 6 I did.  They are 6 of the 10 giveaways from the 1965 Heroes set!!  See the picture below!

I could have been a touch luckier but I certainly wasn't the earliest bird to the yard sale and because of that I missed out on the Harmon Killebrew bobblehead from this set.  You ask how I know that...well I didn't until we walked through the collectors area. One of the dealers I was chatting with had a box similar to the ones I purchased with "Killebrew" on it.  He mentioned he got it at the Yard Sale and immediately I said, "dammit!"  So, its all about luck and timing.  I had a lot of luck but not quite enough to get the Killebrew one.  However, I'm still super fortunate for landing these...6 that I figured would take years to find.  Now I'm only missing 2 - Killebrew and Quilici. Eventually, maybe my timing will be right and I'll find those too!