Friday, January 31, 2014

Want List (Part 4)

Below are 2 different sets of pictures.  The first is a group of St. Paul Saints bobbleheads I'm looking for.  There are two different Wayne Terwilliger bobbleheads that I'd like.  The other two pictures are of Hardware Hank and The Real Cougar.  I've seen all of these on eBay, but their prices are a bit too high for me!

The second group of pictures are Timberwolves bobbleheads I'm missing.  The first is Al Jefferson, I believe this was given to season ticket holders several years ago.  A while back I sold a Jefferson bobblehead to a friend.  I thought this was a duplicate of one I had in storage.  Apparently, I was very very wrong.  So I'm back to the drawing board in searching for the Jefferson bobblehead.  The next is Bill Beise otherwise known as the Superfan.  Then Johnny Flynn (again I believe it was a season ticket holder giveaway) and finally mini crunch.  

I'm sure I'll find one of these 8 at some point in 2014...hopefully more than 1!!