Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Best Garage Sale Finds #1

The final blog post in this 5 part series of my best garage sale finds in 2013 is a simply a humdinger!  Ok, and I got extremely lucky, you'll see why once you see the picture of the bobbleheads.  Much like my second best find, I was lucky because I saw the posting the night before.  Many times for garage sales, no contact information is left, only a street address.  Why you ask?  Because the seller wants people to come to their sale, even if you don't find what you came for, there is probably plenty of other junk you might have an interest in!  This poster had left their email address, I took advantage of that and asked a couple questions. The next morning, I checked my phone and had a response.

The sale wasn't super far away but not exactly on my way to work either.  As I wrote in one of my first blog posts, I'm completely unsure of garage sale etiquette.  Plenty of listings specify a time the sale starts and ends.  Some listings go as far as to say "No early birds" or something along those lines in a harsher tone!   This particular sale started at 9 in the morning.  Typically I'm well into my day at work by 9 in the morning.  I figured I'd drive over to the sale and do a quick drive-by.  If other people were there, I'd stop.  I drove by...and unfortunately it was on a cul-de-sac...so I couldn't get a good glimpse of what was happening.  I figured, why not stop and at least try to talk to the seller.  The lady was still setting up but invited me to look around.  I mentioned I emailed the night before about the bobbleheads.  She pointed me in the right direction and I was ready to buy a few bobbleheads!  I knew she only had Twins bobbleheads, but what I didn't know is she had 2 of the more rare and valuable Twins bobbleheads.  Harmon Killebrew and Rod Carew. I always try to negotiate prices, unless I feel like the price is just so fair (or low sometimes) then I won't.  I got those skills from my dad!  The prices were marked on each bobblehead.  $5 for Carew and...yep, you guessed it, $5 for Killebrew.  I snatched those 2 up quickly, browsed a bit more, got 2 more, paid and left. The Killebrew one goes for over $100 on eBay and the Carew goes for anywhere between $35 and $50 typically.  Oh and each of these had the COA too!  

Seriously, I was super lucky with this garage sale, luck certainly has a part in becoming my best overall garage sale find in 2013!