Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Buying bobbleheads in bulk!

I've mentioned several times the idea of the "bundle concept."  It had been a while since I was able to use this method when buying bobbleheads.  I had been talking to a guy on craigslist for a couple of months.  He had a large lot of bobbleheads that I was interested in.  The problem was, I didn't need them all, nor did I want them all.  Right away I asked if he'd break up the lot, not surprisingly, he wasn't interested in doing that.  And I couldn't blame him one bit.  Then, I made what I felt was a very fair offer, even tho it was a bit lower than he probably wanted to hear at the time.  I checked in with him every couple weeks and today we finally negotiated a price we were both happy with!  He knew from the start that my end goal, if I were to buy all the bobbleheads was to try and resell roughly half of them.  I picked up all the bobbleheads this morning (7 boxes worth) and had a wonderful time chatting with him.  He hopes I can sell the ones I don't need for my collection for plenty of money - at least to recoup some of what I paid.

Obviously you'll get the shady people and unreliable ones through Craigslist.  It makes deals like this mornings even better. Meeting nice, genuine and sincere people on Craigslist - which certainly isn't the norm, makes my hunt for bobbleheads well worth it.  It's that old golden rule - do unto others as you'd like done unto yourself.  If I expect good, consistent, genuine communication, thats what I provide to everyone that contacts me.  

Now I gotta try to sell all the bobbleheads that I don't need!  It truly is a never-ending quest.  Buying and selling, selling and buying.  Happy 2014!