Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not Cuddyer...its Michael Restovich!

I saw a Michael Restovich bobblehead on eBay earlier in 2013.  The seller wanted $25 plus shipping for the bobblehead and that was just too much for me to shell out (no offense Mr. Restovich).  But...I was attached to it.  You see, back in high school a really good friend of mine - Bobby Johnson - played basketball with Michael Restovich on the Minnesota Select team.  Obviously you know how good of an athlete he is already - being on MN Select but bypassing basketball because he was an early draft pick of the Twins.  A group of friends went to Saint Cloud back in high school to watch Bobby play.  Quite the site to view some of the state's best basketball players duke it out against each other.  He mentioned what a powerful and athletic guy Restovich truly was.  Since I had seen Restovich play (albeit basketball) before he hit it big and got a bobblehead made of him, I knew at some point I'd really like to have said bobblehead.  

That happened a couple months ago.  I was pretty surprised to see it as I rarely see any minor league bobbleheads around here.  I quickly looked it over, and it didn't have any chips or cracks so I gladly paid a couple bucks and took it home to display with the other minor league bobbleheads in my collection.  I'll write more about minor league bobbleheads in an upcoming post!  He's wearing a Quad Cities River Bandits jersey, the Twins Minor League team he played for at the time.