Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Best Garage Sale Finds #4

I had been looking for the following bobblehead for quite a while.  I had seen a couple, but they were going for a bit more than I was willing to spend.  The box was in rough shape, so I wasn't sure if the bobblehead inside was damaged or in good condition.  After inspecting it, I was completely happy!  It was listed for $10, but I asked if the seller would take $5, she happily agreed to that, I boxed it back up and was on my way. Since that garage sale, I've actually come across this bobblehead 2 more times and I bought both of them and resold each.

The Lynx bobbleheads are a bit more rare, just because they don't have the production run that many other of the local pro sports teams do.  I believe the Lynx give out roughly 2500 or each.  I have most of the Lynx ones that have been given away at games, but not all of them.  Eventually I hope to get them all.  But this was my #4 garage sale find of 2013.  Maya Moore - she can freaking play ball!