Thursday, January 30, 2014

Want List (Part 3)

My want list today is pretty simple.  Any bobbleheads from the University of Minnesota.  I'll even take doubles and triples of what I have currently.  The picture below is of 4 bobbleheads that I don't have. There are others that have the M on them, I know Janel McCarville had a bobblehead while playing at the U - very similar to Whalen bobble below.

The first bobblehead is of Bronko Nagurski.  This was produced by the Big Ten Network (BTN) in a collection known as the Big 10 Icons.  It featured one "Icon" from each school in the Big Ten (at the time).  A total of 11 bobbleheads make up the set.  

The Goldy gymnast bobblehead was given out at gymnastic meets several years ago.  The Goldy hockey bobblehead was produced by Gold Country (as you can see on the plaque) and finally the Whalen bobblehead.  I know besides the McCarville bobblehead I mentioned earlier there is another Goldy with a maroon shirt (M on his chest) with his arms outstretched that I currently don't have. There are others out there, but these are my most desired U of M bobbleheads!