Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Addition - Bud Grant Bobblehead

I acquired this bobblehead a while ago and finally got around to getting some pictures of it.  I had only heard about this one from a buddy of mine who is a memorabilia dealer.  He had a picture of it and I was hooked.  Then he told me there were only 3 produced...ever.  I believe the 3 in circulation (really they aren't circulating anywhere) were prototypes.  The 2 guys that had them made, brought them to Bud to sign off on (after he originally gave the go-ahead).  Bud ended up not signing off on them so they weren't produced for retail sale.

I told my friend, if he ever got one or knew of one that was available, I'd definitely be interested in it. Luckily that day came and I was able to add it to my collection.  This one is priceless and I definitely spent a pretty penny but in my mind, its the star of my collection.