Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Addition - Bernie Gerl Bobblehead

Here's a recent addition of mine!  Bernie Gerl (click his name to learn more) has a fascinating yet tragic story.  The Duluth Huskies gave out this bobblehead earlier this summer.  Thanks to a friend of mine I was able to add it to the collection.  The Huskies kept this as a secret until the giveaway actually happened.  People waiting in line didn't know what bobblehead they were getting, even several Huskies employees didn't know.  Bernie Gerl didn't even know they were doing a bobblehead of him.  The Huskies worked with Bernie's family (who knew he'd absolutely love the bobble) to get the bobblehead produced.  This was quite a surprise to everyone in Duluth and a pretty memorable night at the ballpark.

Now, more about the bobble itself.  Obviously it has TONS of detail - which I love.  The catcher's gear is amazing.  The fact that the chest protector is being held is awesome.  And beyond that, its a nice heavy bobblehead.  I'd have to say...out of all bobblehead giveaways in 2016 (that I collect, which means anything related to Minnesota and their affiliates) this is the best one.  The detail, the weight, nothing is cheap about this bobble!