Saturday, December 3, 2016

Puckett Autographed Bobblehead

Sometimes you search for specific things and find exactly what you want, sometimes you just get plain lucky (aka - Ploehn luck).  A recent lot of bobbleheads I purchased were several Puckett bobbles.  I think 6 total, but many several were the same one.  From the pictures I received, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Most times when I buy lots of bobbles I spend more time talking to the seller than actually looking at the bobbles.  I know enough about bobbles that after a quick glance I can tell if there is any damage (thats usually the only thing I look for).  For novice collectors, the main things you want to focus on when inspecting a bobblehead is the neck area and base for any chips or cracks.  If its a newer bobble where its not a standard player/mascot standing straight up, you'll want to look at any area that sits further away from the body of the bobble (the more distance the better chance of possible damage).

Once I got them home, I put them on a shelf and didn't think about them for a few weeks.  Then as I was looking thru them, taking a closer look at them...magic happened.  One was autographed.  Even tho I'm not an autograph guy, I know a decent amount about Puckett signatures and also have 2 buddies who know a ton about Puckett auto's.  So, Im pretty sure it's a legit signature and will be staying in my collection.  I believe thats a total of 3 Puckett bobbleheads that I have autographed!