Thursday, December 8, 2016

Twins 2017 Bobbleheads

The past several years the Twins have sent out emails to season ticket holders regarding giveaway packages they can purchase.  I use to get them through my boss so have known about this opportunity for a while.  It's a great idea for the Twins, selling items that would be given away for free.  Many other pro teams do the same thing.  They usually share a few specific items that are part of the package and that's where bobbleheads come in.

For 2017 there are bobbleheads (yes, plural - which means at least 2) so I'm happy already but based on recent history my hunch is between 3 and 4.  There will also be a theme night Star Wars edition bobblehead.  And lastly there will be another Sweet Spot edition bobblehead.  These are the hardest to come by and usually have a production run between 1000 and 1500.  They are only given to select season ticket holders - making them valuable, hard to find, and of course - expensive.  

Plenty of collectors have discussed possible candidates for the bobbleheads this year.  I really have no clue.  The current team is tough because they are so many unproven players scattered with a few veterans who have recently had bobbles.  For whatever reason the Twins don't like to do bobbles of the same players in consecutive years.  Joe Mauer and Byron Buxton are 2 good bets.  Personally I'd love to see someone like Frank Viola get a bobble, wouldn't a Sweet Music bobble be awesome?  It'll be interesting to see who they come up with!