Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bundle - Just do it!

I foreshadowed this in my last post.  The bundle option.  I've used this strategy multiple times.  Its quite simple but requires a bit more money upfront and possibly quite a bit of patience.  I'll explain using one of my largest bobblehead acquisitions which happened in the early summer of 2013.  I noticed a craigslist ad that had almost 150 bobbleheads.  The owner wanted to sell them all in one lot, but knew that was really unlikely.  I originally found roughly 40 I was interested in.  After negotiating the price a bit, we settled at about 25 bobbleheads for roughly $7 per bobblehead.  $7 wasn't a great price, but he had a few that were quite valuable and a bunch of other ones that I didn't have.  Of the 25 I bought, my goal was to resell 10 of them for $100.  Knowing if I could accomplish that, I'd have 15 bobbleheads to add to my collection for $75 total, which is $5 per bobblehead.  Something I was quite comfortable with.  After a few months of trying, I indeed did sell the other 10 for just over $100 total.  The bundle option is something I'll always try when given the opportunity.