Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Passion for bobbleheads

I've been slowly collecting bobbleheads over the past several years, buying a few here and there on ebay and/or craigslist or getting them at a game now and then.  In the summer of 2013, my wife, Jessica, and I started dipping our feet into the garage sale game.

We didn't start out looking for anything specific, but we found plenty of treasures.  We don't have kids but we do have a tote at home labled "Future baby stuff." And thats when my true passion for collecting bobbleheads started.  I scoured the local craigslist posts daily. I found plenty of bobbleheads at garage sales. Some sales wanted ebay type money for their bobbleheads while others were simply looking to get rid of what they had.

This blog is dedicated to those cool bobbing treasures I've found.  You'll see pictures of bobbleheads I've acquired as well as stories behind them.  Enjoy!