Monday, July 28, 2014

Does size matter?

Apparently when it comes to bobbleheads, it doesn't.  They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I've definitely been a bit surprised by their size (or lack thereof) in the past.  It's difficult to realize the height (if its not the standard 7 inches) unless pictured next to others that are a different size and/or height.  As you can tell by the picture below - they truly come in all sorts of different heights!

Pictured left to right: Doug Mientkiewicz, Crunch (Boyscout version), Wayland Noland, Miguel Sano, Kent Hrbek and Rod Carew.  Dougie baseball is roughly 3.5 inches tall while Carew is about 9 inches tall!  The 3 on the far left I'd classify as "mini" bobbleheads.  Hrbek is the standard, which leaves Sano and Carew. I'm not sure what to call either of them other than non-standard bobbleheads.