Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why collect?

I've been asked that question numerous times (only a couple by my wife tho).  It is a valid question. Everyone has their own reasons why they collect.  I collect more than just bobbleheads.  I have 2 other small collections and by small I mean, I don't spend nearly the time, money, or effort on either of them.

The first is sports cards.  Growing up I always bought packs of cards.  I don't buy too much for cards anymore, and probably should really start selling the stuff I have.  My other collection...toy tractors.  As some of you know, I grew up on a farm.  My dad collects tractors (1/16 scale) and when I was little he'd get me 1/64 scale tractors to match his.  Eventually I'd like to have all tractors and implements that my dad has owned while farming.  Eventually I'd like to create a quasi-replica of the farm I grew up on.  That's years down the road (mainly because I need the space to make it happen - I need a bigger garage).  Whats that saying, happy wife, happy life?  I know some of my boundaries!

As for bobbleheads, obviously I have a passion.  But it's more than that.  For me, its 2 things.  The chase and the find.  It's super fun to find something that's on my want list or for someone else that collects.  The chase of finding those types of bobbleheads makes it exciting.  Just the other day I found a random Minnesota themed bobblehead (non-sports) at a garage sale.  It's not very valuable at all, but I didn't have it in my collection so it was nice to find something that I could add to my collection.  There will always be that constant chase and at times I won't even know what I'm chasing (or looking for).