Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rare Minnesota Personalities

I've started to expand my collection of bobbleheads a little bit.  When I started this journey...I was mainly interested in sports bobbleheads but would pick up random Minnesota bobbleheads when I saw them for a bargain.  Lately I've been more focused on these random Minnesota bobbleheads.  I'm sure there are plenty that I have absolutely no clue about.  Here's a picture of 4 bobbleheads I've picked up in the last couple of months.  

From left to right.  
Roger Moe (mini bobblehead).  He ran for Governor in 2002.  
Ted Marti.  President of Schell's Brewery.  
William F. Austin.  Better known as Bill.  Founder and CEO of Starkey Hearing Foundation.
Klondike Kate.  Also known as Kathleen Rockwell.  St. Paul Winter Carnival Personality

I have several other "Minnesota Personality" bobbleheads but please...please share yours with me.  I know there are plenty that I don't know about!  I'd like to gather as much information about them as I can.  So send pictures to me personally or share links in the comments section.  My sincere thanks in advance!