Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bobbleheads for Sale

A buddy of mine had an intriguing idea for my blog.  We, as bobblehead collectors, know there are several people looking to sell their bobbleheads.  Maybe they aren't collectors and only have a few, maybe they have duplicates they'd like to move or perhaps they are reducing their collection in general.  This page is specifically for to buy/sell bobbleheads from other blog readers.

I'll update the blog with pictures and pricing information.  If you see something you are interested in, leave a comment and the sale process begins!

Here are the first sets of pictures.  Remember, if you like something, leave a comment in the comments section and we'll go from there.  One more thing about all the pictures below, the seller is looking to sell these as sets only, he is not interested in breaking up any of the following groups.

Van & Cheryl (KS95) set - $35

Tom Lehman - $75

Rochester Red Wings (Twins AAA) set - $40

New Britain Rock Cats (Twins AA) set - SOLD

Sid Hartman set - $100

Jesse Ventura set - $200

Timberwolves Pepsi set - $50