Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 All Star Game & More

I'm guessing anyone who reads my blog probably knows the All Star game was held at Target Field last week.  Leading up to it, MLB had plenty of events, one was something they call "Fanfest."  In June I blogged about the 3 mini bobbleheads that were being given away at Fanfest - TC Bear, Tony Oliva and Joe Mauer. Jess and I went down to Fanfest last Sunday.  A buddy of mine had some extra tickets so we checked it out. It was pretty cool but also fairly overwhelming.  However, lets be real - we probably went on the worst day possible, Sunday early afternoon.  There were tons of people but also so much cool stuff to see.  I kinda thought the "Collectors Showcase" would be just as big (if not bigger) than Twinsfest.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case at all as there was only a handful of dealers.

However, with TC being given away to kids on Friday, I knew that would be the hardest bobblehead of the 3 to get.  I noticed a listing on eBay early on Friday morning and I thought it was a very good and fair deal, so I bought the TC bobblehead.  Of course this meant I was committed to getting the other 2 bobbleheads. Once I receive all 3 of them, I'll update this posting with a picture.  They are cool mini bobbleheads, but as is the case with most any mini bobblehead - they aren't very sturdy and quite fragile at times!  The TC Bear bobblehead routinely goes for between $40 and $50 on eBay while Tony Oliva and Joe Mauer are going for quite a bit less.  If you are looking for the set...TC will be the hardest and/or the most spendy of the bunch. Good luck!

Update: Here's the picture of the 3 bobbleheads.  They are pretty tiny!