Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Final 2014 ASG Bobblehead - Glen Perkins

Before the 2014 season, the Twins announced there would be 4 bobblehead giveaway days.  The first 3 were Harmon Killebrew, Lou Gehrig & Tom Brunansky.  Here are a couple links to previous blogs I've posted regarding this set of bobbleheads.

Once Perkins was named to the All Star Team, in my mind it was a foregone conclusion that on September 6th, people would be lining up hours in advance of game time to get their hands on a Perk bobblehead.  The Twins announced it was Perkins earlier this month and now we have a picture to go along with the announcement.  (Credit to my buddy Zane for the Perkins Tweet with picture!)

I've been advocating for a Perkins bobblehead since the Twins announced it was a "to be determined" bobblehead.  I'm certainly a happy camper with the news.  I've never met Glen Perkins (certainly would love the chance), but he seems like a down to earth guy (love listening to his weekly appearances on 1500 with Mackey & Judd).  He's also a former Gopher and obviously he's a stud closer!  Hopefully there are more bobbleheads in the future for Perkins.