Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mystery ASG Bobblehead - Not so mysterious anymore

At Target Field on September 6th, the Twins will give away this years final ASG bobblehead.  I previously blogged about this, read it here.  In that blog, I mentioned that the most likely candidates were Joe Mauer or Glen Perkins, hoping it would be Perk.  I was half right.  I doubt many people would have guessed Kurt Suzuki would have been an option!  And just tonight MLB announced that Brian Dozier will be in the Home Run Derby.  I don't think any other Twins players will be added to the roster so at this point the "to be determined" player is either Perkins, Suzuki or Dozier.  I'm not sure if Dozier would "qualify" as he's not in the All Star Game, but the Twins could certainly choose to do his bobblehead and not many people would be offended.  But I would have to think all signs point to it being Perkins (no offense to Suzuki).  Perk is a team guy, local sports hero, great in the community and a guy the Twins want on this team for the long term. Based on my February post, obviously you know I'm biased but for good reason.  Hell that reason should only have to be, cuz I like Perkins, but he's a stud closer too. I'm hoping I can update this blog with a picture of a Perkins SGA bobblehead!

2 days ago, Twins President, Dave St. Peter confirmed the final ASG bobblehead would indeed be of Glen Perkins!  Here's the link!