Thursday, July 31, 2014

A new section - Collector's Corner

Fellow bobblehead enthusiasts, I have a new and exciting section of my blog.  A buddy of mine was talking to me about selling several of his bobbleheads.  He had the idea of using my blog as an avenue to reach other collectors who might be interested in some of the bobbleheads he has.  I'm still learning about Blogger and all the functions and capabilities of it.  So we'll see how this goes, but it's fun for me to do something different within the blog and help out collectors like you and him!  And if anyone else out there wants to use this to sell bobbleheads (or if you are looking for specific ones) I'll help you out as well!

I'll make a blog post with each collection of bobbleheads he has for sale.  That will be under what I'm calling the "Collector's Corner."  All the posts I'll do regarding bobbleheads for sale will be displayed under "Collector's Corner."  This will be constantly updated with new posts, pictures, pricing information and more.
I've also created a slideshow that contains pictures of the bobbleheads for sale, this is more of an attention grabber and it'll display all bobbleheads for sale, no matter who's they are.  Feel free to leave comments in the comment section to get more information or buy any of these sets!