Wednesday, April 6, 2016

President Anne Blackhurst - Minnesota State University Moorhead

I love this bobblehead!  It fits perfectly into my "Minnesota" themed collection and I was excited to get it.  A buddy of mine had told me about it and after a few emails it was on its way to me.  I've had it for several months now but finally got around to taking some pictures of "recent" (yes, I use that term extremely lightly) additions.  Usually when I get new bobbleheads for my collection, they go straight into a storage tote.  Unfortunately most of my collection isn't currently displayed.  This one is on the smaller side and I think I forgot to grab pictures of it when going through this tote a few months ago.  I follow President Blackhurst on Twitter and I saw a few of her posts which made me realize I hadn't blogged about this specific bobblehead yet!  Read more about Anne here!  She's pretty awesome.