Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall & Winter Slow down

As summer fades into fall, it typically signals a slow down in the bobblehead world.  We all know baseball teams (all of them it seems, no matter the league) are the best at giving away bobbleheads. Last year, the Wolves did a set of 5 bobbleheads and a few years ago the Wild did a set of 5 bobbleheads.  Other than that, the fall and winter have been extremely quiet in Minnesota when it comes to new bobbleheads.  Unfortunately that will likely stay the same this time around.  The Wild have announced their promotional schedule and no bobbleheads are included in it.  I've heard from the Timberwolves that its unlikely they do another set of bobbleheads this season.  They'd have the foundation for a nice set, starting off with top pick Kris Dunn.  Then you could do tribute bobbles for Flip Saunders and Kevin Garnett and why not a dual Rookie of the Year bobble for Wiggins and Towns?  People would go nuts over it!

However, at this point, thats only dreaming and its not looking very good.  So...I deal with it.  Perhaps it'll give me some time (ya know, cuz I have all sorts of that with an 11 week old at home) to organize my collection.