Monday, February 10, 2014

Kirby Puckett Autograph

I have a handful of bobbleheads that have been autographed.  Every so often, I'll do a blog about a specific autographed bobblehead.  I can't personally say all of them are legit (since I haven't been witness to every autograph), but I'd say more often than not, they are - mainly just because its pretty easy to get a bobblehead autographed especially if you frequent local collectible shows or make an annual trip to Twinsfest.  One of my favorites is my Kirby Puckett bobblehead.  I didn't personally get this one autographed, but I'm 99% sure its legit (as I have other Kirby Puckett autographed memorabilia).  It's special to me for a couple reasons - Kirby was and still is my all-time favorite baseball player and since he's no longer with us, it does make the autograph a bit more rare and collectible!