Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Shipping Bobbles - How to package them!

I've read a lot about the shipping part of bobbleheads.  Whether you buy from eBay or Craigslist or thru an online retailer, there are plenty of shipping options.  That's the easy part.  The most important part of shipping is how you pack the bobblehead.  I've seen several people blame the post office for a damaged bobble and then file a claim (even tho the shipping package had no visible damage).  I've received bobbleheads in the mail...and 90% of the time I can tell without opening the package if the bobblehead is in good condition or not.

1 recent (in the past couple of months) example of poor shipping.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures to show.  I picked up the box and immediately things rattled around.  Obviously this is the first sign that something is broken.  How much rattling usually is a good indicator of how many broken pieces there are.  I opened the box and found 3 pieces.  The main bobble, its head decapitated and the base of the bobble, detached from the feet.  To me, this bobble is ruined, I can glue it back together, but in my mind...(and I have a very steady hand) it's no longer in good condition, even if it looks "ok."

How do you avoid this...NEVER ship in bubble mailers.  Several eBay sellers ship bobbles only in bubble mailers.  Typically this is a cheaper option (depending on the weight of the bobblehead).  I always ship in boxes...never bubble mailers (I use them for padding tho).  It's not really rocket science.  Take the bobblehead, wrap the neck (or all spots it bobbles/moves) with bubble wrap.  I usually wrap tissue paper around that for extra cushion.  Then I wrap the entire bobblehead with bubble wrap (it should go around the bobble at least 2 times.  If I dont have the original box, I use bigger bubble wrap one more time, again to make sure its double padded.  I then place it in a box and put anything (more bubble wrap, newspaper, plastic bags) around it so it can't move.  Once the box is stuffed, I tape it shut.  Then I shake it.  Weird huh - shake a box with a bobblehead in it - call me crazy but it works!  If you can't hear it are set.  If you can, open the box up and stuff more crap in it!

This is not a hard process, use common sense (I know at times, it's not that common), and remember - bubble wrap is pretty cheap!