Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bobblehead Boxes buy a bobblehead off eBay, Craigslist, at a Garage Sale, from a buddy...wherever you get it...a lot of the times, it doesn't have a box.  More teams are doing specialized boxes nowadays, but several still do the generic plain white boxes.  That's a problem for a lot of us.  Even if we display our bobbleheads, at some point they might need a box, or perhaps you don't have the space (like me) to display them all.  Bobbles in boxes are much better than un-boxed bobbles!  I've seen too many damaged and chipped bobbles because they are all thrown into one box.  Hell, one of my first deals I made was at a garage sale, but it was over the phone.  The lady was very honest with me saying several were damaged but plenty weren't.  My sister-in-law picked them up for me.  The lady crammed them into one box (minimal bubble wrap) and sent her on her way.  I get the box and honestly I wasn't expecting much (over 30 bobbles for $20...I couldn't go wrong).  About half of them were damaged, scuffed, or chipped in one way or another.  Obviously the lady no longer had the boxes. you never have to worry about having an un-boxed bobblehead!  My buddy Bill (quite the entrepreneur) has bobblehead boxes available.  Feel free to email him to buy your boxes!  They are heavier/sturdier than the giveaway boxes too and measure 3 x 3 x 7 5/8!