Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sneak Peek - Byron Buxton Bobblehead

On Friday, July 8th, the Cedar Rapids Kernels are giving away a Byron Buxton bobblehead!  Buxton is a hugely popular player and Im sure this will go over quite well in the land of bobblehead collecting! This is the second giveaway bobblehead of Buxton (last year New Britain did one) and its the first of 2 bobbles for Byron this year (Chattanooga is doing one at the end of the month)!  The Kernels always do a great job with their bobbleheads and this one is no different, I love the look of it as its something a bit different, but perfect for Buxton, since he's a defensive stud!  For all of the Midwestern readers, Cedar Rapids isn't too far away!  Get your tickets here for the game!