Saturday, July 16, 2016

Torii Hunter Bobblehead Day

The Twins are giving away 10,000 Torii Hunter Hall of Fame bobbleheads today!  Torii is a big time fan favorite and I'm guessing people will be down at Target Field a bit early today.  This one will be especially collectible for a variety of reasons.  Let's start with the obvious - it's Torii.  People love him.  Second, its known as a "wall catch" bobblehead.  Plenty of collectors of subsets in their collection for specific types of bobbleheads, the "wall catch" bobbles fit that subset.  Another subset that some collectors love is a the "hall of fame" aspect.  Even tho its just the Twins Hall of Fame, it's still an HOF and other collectors will want it for this.  A third subset category is the "Gold Glove" touch.  Hunter was a wonderful defensive center fielder and won 9 consecutive Gold Glove awards and several collectors love their "Gold Glove" subset!  Lastly, Torii has been a fan favorite everywhere he's went, so he has plenty of fans outside of Minnesota.  I think the Twins did a really good job with this bobble!