Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Twins Top 10 List - #10

Obviously this is an entirely objective list.  I do feel like I have plenty of knowledge when it comes to Twins bobbleheads.  I think most people will agree on the top 3 (order might be different to some). The same most likely can't be said for the last few in my top 10 list.  I'm not basing this ranking purely off of value either.  Let's be honest, when it comes to rare bobbleheads, the value is whatever someone is willing to pay.  Hypothetically I might have paid for the #5 overall bobblehead than #2.  I think this list compiles the 10 toughest to find Twins bobbles.  

Checking in at number 10 is the Joe Mauer Friends and Family bobblehead.  Even tho this bobblehead has a red base, it is an SGA bobble.  Given specifically to people in the "Mauer Friends & Family" group (basically your game ticket said "Mauer Friends/Family").  All 10 of these bobbleheads are rare, otherwise they wouldn't be in this list.  This one is numbered out of 2500.