Friday, September 5, 2014

What a month!

I've had wonderful luck over the past month or so.  Easily the best month of my extremely short collecting career.  I've also been able to replenish a dwindling stock of bobbleheads to sell - gotta pay for the collecting side somehow, right?  I've blogged about a few of the bobbleheads I've picked up.  I plan on blogging about a couple others in the very near future.  A quick estimate would say I've added nearly 50 bobbleheads to my collection over the last several weeks while I've added about 60 bobbleheads to sell.  Obviously my hope is that I can sell the 60 for enough to pay for themselves as well as the almost 50 bobbleheads I'm keeping!  Ideal, but ideal doesn't always work.  And sometimes it takes months and months to sell everything.  So we'll see how things go!

Here are a couple pictures of a few I've blogged about recently.  More to come soon!  Also an updated want list!