Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Free Agency in the Bobblehead World

Question for my loyal readers, I suppose the casual reader can answer this too!  Do you collect a specific team or player?  As you all know, I collect anything Minnesota related.  That means, I collect all bobbleheads of players that have played for Minnesota teams (with Minnesota jerseys) and their minor league affiliates.  Since its the NFL Free Agency frenzy today, it made me think about this question.  For instance, I just added a Kyle Okposo bobblehead that the New York Islanders gave away.  Since he's a former Golden Gopher...and that truly is my passion, I decided to look for giveaways that fall into this category.  For instance, if Eric Decker gets a bobblehead thru the Jets, I might add that one to my collection.  However, if Kevin Love has a Cavs bobble - I will not add that one to my collection.  Perhaps its something with growing up in Minnesota?  I'm not sure what it is, but I certainly lean more towards Gophers and former Gophers than anything else.  What about you?