Monday, March 23, 2015

Helping a fellow collector!

Saturday was a fun day for me.  I was able to help out a fellow collector and add a couple bobbleheads to my collection at the same time.  My buddy Joe texted me last week.  He had been in contact with a guy that was looking to sell some bobbleheads.  Joe is a collector first, but secondly, very similar to me, he'll sell items that don't grab his interest.  I'm sure the money he makes from selling goes right back into the collection - huh...sounds exactly like me.  

Anyway, he was curious if I'd help him out with this lot of bobbleheads.  He sent over some pictures and we both tried to determine which bobbleheads were all there and figure out the random ones the best we could.  We met the seller on Saturday and started going through all the bobbleheads.  Each pointing out specific items of note - some had damage, (some fixable, some are better served to be a paper the bottom of the trash) while others happened to be autographed and then there were the randoms that neither of us had a clue about.  

Joe bought the lot, I bought a handful and we packed them up and were on our way.  I'm glad Joe asked me to help out as it really was a fun day for me.  Anytime I can look at bobbleheads (even if they are bobbles I've seen countless times) it's fun!  And the fact that I was able to help out a little too, made it even better.  I'll post a few more of my new additions this week!  

Collectors Helping Collectors!