Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hughes the Force

Well, well, well...the Twins announced today that they are doing a special ticket bobblehead giveaway in May!  I don't think many people thought this was coming as the Twins haven't been one of the teams to do many of these "Special Event" giveaways.  It's a pretty cool bobblehead tho.

Many teams do special events giveaways based on themes.  The Twins did one last year, on Sid Hartman Day, check it out here & here!  Phil Hughes has a Star Wars themed bobblehead now, complete with lightsaber.  The bobble is named "Hughes the Force."  This is also one of the few bobbleheads that has something "unique" about it.  Obviously thats the lightsaber, compared to most other Twins bobbleheads, they are more classic poses.  This looks to be pretty cool.  And I believe it might be by Success Promotions.  So, if you want one of these, you have to purchase a special ticket package for the game on May 4th.