Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sid Hartman Day - May 18th 2014

This past Sunday was Sid Hartman Day at Target Field.  The Twins celebrated the legacy of Sid Hartman and all his "close personal friends."  Back in March I posted about a special Hartman bobblehead the Twins were giving away.  I bought a couple tickets for the game so Jess and I could go. Only 1000 of these bobbleheads were given away and you had to have special tickets in order to receive the bobblehead. The Twins did an excellent job of getting out that information.  I received 2 emails and a phone call suggesting how I go about getting the bobblehead at the game.  This is the third Hartman bobblehead.  The other 2 were giveaways long ago.  All 3 are sponsored by the Star Tribune. Check out the trio below!  (The 2014 bobblehead is in the center)