Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lou Gehrig & Tom Brunansky Bobbleheads

Back in February I blogged about the 2014 Minnesota Twins SGA bobblehead games.  At that time we know there would be 4 bobblehead giveaways (later changed to 5 with the Sid Hartman giveaway). Harmon Killebrew on June 20th, Lou Gehrig on July 4th, Tom Brunansky on July 5th and a bobblehead celebrating a player named to this year's All-Star game.  Click the hyperlink above to read that blog.  At the time I was excited to see what the bobbleheads would look like.  We now know what 2 of them will look like or at least what they appear to look like based on the Twins promotional site.  Below are pictures of the Brunansky and Gehrig bobbleheads.  You'll notice both have a brown base, not a surprise on the Gehrig bobble, but somewhat of one regarding Brunansky.  I was expecting the typical green base.  Check 'em out!

(Sorry about the poor quality...once I find better quality pictures, I'll update this post)