Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Minnesota Twins ST Bobblehead Set (Part 10 - Years 2010-2013)

I'm bunching years 2010 thru 2013 into one blog post.  Why you ask, for one simple reason, there weren't many ST bobbleheads during those years.  2009 was the last year the Twins did a set of 4 bobbleheads.

2010 was the Legends of the Dome set (Kirby Puckett & Kent Hrbek).  This was produced as a set, both bobbleheads came in one box.  Then I believe in 2011 they did a Mauer/Morneau double bobblehead - which I do not have.  In 2012 they did a Josh Willingham red base bobblehead and most recently in 2013 they did one of my favorite bobbleheads, Joe Mauer wearing a powder blue jersey.  This one is also different because its on a green base instead of the normal red base for season ticket holders.

Below are some pictures...enjoy!!