Saturday, February 13, 2016

Coming Soon - 2016 Minnesota Twins Bobbleheads

In just a couple days, we'll know more about the bobbleheads the Twins plan on giving away this season.  So far we know of one - I wrote about it earlier this week, check it out here.  That means there are 3 more bobbleheads coming (as I've been told there are 4 giveaway dates) plus a special event Star Wars themed bobblehead giveaway.  My hunch is we'll only find out about the 3 regular giveaways and the special event bobblehead info will be released later, maybe even in-season.

The full promotional schedule is set to be released on Monday.  I'll blog that day, but it'll most likely be a short and concise blog since I'll be at work!  I'm also interested in finding out who will be producing the bobbleheads - will the Twins work with Success Promotions again (I'm a fan of their work) or possibly will they renew their relationship with AGP?  My hope is its between those 2 groups!