Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Houston Aeros Bobblehead Jackpot!

It's funny how collecting works sometimes.  For instance there have been 2 different times I remember specifically where I finally said, "uncle" and broke down and dropped a significant amount of cash to purchase a bobblehead for my collection, and within a matter of days I've found the same piece for significantly less money.  And duh, of course I bought the cheaper one too.

In the past few weeks I've found several different bobbleheads from the Houston Aeros, former minor league affiliate of the Minnesota Wild.  The next few blog posts show everything I've added to my collection that are Aeros related!

Up first, a couple goalie bobbleheads.  Johan Holmqvist and Derek Gustafson.  Neither bobble is all that valuable but since they are Aeros bobbles, I wanted them for my collection!  A couple solid New Adds for me!